HAJIME’S VIDEO LAB / Showing Tsuyoshi Kusanagi the ropes of YouTubing

Courtesy of Hajime

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, left, and Hajime

By Hajime / Special to The Yomiuri Chukosei ShimbunHey, readers, Hajime here.

This is something that happened last year, but I met the greatest person ever since becoming a YouTuber.

I got to work with Tsuyoshi Kusanagi [a member of the now-disbanded iconic pop group SMAP]. Abema TV had plans to make him a YouTuber, so we decided to make a video together on my channel.

The guy is a huuuge star. I had no idea what we should do for the video, but in the end, I went for re-creating the video that really launched me to YouTube stardom — the one I did about a slime bath. Of course, I just had to add a prank, too (lol).

Right before Kusanagi got into the bath, I put this toy grenade into it to make the slime explode. It was way more powerful than I’d thought, and slime actually got on the ceiling. It made a real impression on me when Kusanagi said, “Being a YouTuber is scary,” and sounded like he was having fun.

Unlike scripted TV, the prank was ridiculously simplistic. But I think this kind of low-key thing is what makes YouTubing so cool. Like, not fitting into this box but instead being chill and doing funny stuff no one expects.

I spent the entire shoot really nervous about being in the presence of such greatness, but I think I managed to show Kusanagi my style of YouTubing. (TBH, though, me and my staff got seriously scared during the explosion ...)

* * *

Hajime, 24, comes from Toyama Prefecture. He is a YouTuber with more than 5 million subscribers on his account ( His videos have a unique twist and are very popular, particularly among young people.

This article is a translation of the Hajime column that appeared last Friday in The Yomiuri Chukosei Shimbun, a weekly paper for junior high and high school students. The original Japanese text and the translation will be carried alongside each other in the paper on the final Friday of every month.Speech

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