Travelers’ Treasures / Sea Bream with Miso Paste

Taimiso, or miso-marinated sea bream, is a traditional seafood dish from the prosperous port town of Tomo. Traditionally, fishermen would enjoy it while they waited to take their boats to sea. Tomo Higoya simmers sea bream caught in the Seto Inland Sea in mirin, sake and soy sauce.

The company offers three types of taimiso: red, simmered in red miso and seasoned with Japanese pepper; white, simmered in a gingered broth of white miso and the lees of the locally made medicinal liquor Houmeishu; and sesame, simmered with aromatic ground white sesame seeds and accented with finely chopped red pepper.

Infused with the delicate sweetness of miso and mirin, these taimiso need no added sugar. Packaged in a simple, white, locally crafted paper box that is elegantly accented with a locally crafted ribbon, this is a quality Japanese dish to give to someone special.

Price:¥1,500 per box

Manufacturer: Tomo Higoya in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture (

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