Travelers’ Treasures / YoseMono Hanabi pendant

Yosemono is a traditional Tokyo artisanal technique for making jewelry by soldering together numerous small parts one by one and setting them with crystals, and it requires considerable care and labor.

Compared to regular jewelry manufacturing methods that are suited to mass production, the hand-production techniques of yosemono produce pendants that use less metal and are thus lighter; they are more comfortable to wear and produce less stress on clothing, making this a jewelry type with a particularly friendly and approachable feel.

These pendants feature a curved, three-dimensional pattern which requires great skill even to solder together, set with Swarovski crystals that have been cut with minute precision so as to sparkle brilliantly in the light. Created through a partnership between the architect Masaaki Takahashi and Swarovski, as producers of the jewelry materials, these pieces captivate the eyes of all who see them with their irresistible allure.

Price: ¥23,760

Manufacturer: atelier 8 Co. in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo


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