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One of Kyushu’s most celebrated sakes, Bishonen (“Beautiful Boy”) Rei is a junmai-ginjoshu sake created from the very finest local ingredients. This sake is created from carefully selected ingredients sourced from the city of Kikuchi in Kumamoto Prefecture, where the brewery is located. Rice painstakingly cultivated by local farmers is used, brewed with water drawn from the Kikuchi-keikoku valley, selected as one of Japan’s top 100 water sources.

Mr. Mori, who brews the sake, is also from the city of Kikuchi. This sake, which prides itself on being a “100 percent Kikuchi” product, is crafted through a painstaking low-temperature brewing process, resulting in a finished sake with a taste whose fascination never palls, no matter how many times it is drunk.

The label on these bottles, designed to showcase the pride that this company has in its production methods, was created by the artist Leiji Matsumoto, a star of the manga world. This collaborative venture between Leiji Matsumoto and the brewery developed after Bishonen sakes first appeared in a manga. Based on this concept, this sake has been awarded the name of “Rei,” borrowing a syllable from “Leiji” (or “Reiji”), the famous mangaka’s pen name.

Price: ¥1,555 for 720ml

Manufacturer: Bishonen Co. in Kikuchi, Kumamoto Prefecture


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