Travelers’ Treasures / Minatomachi Kozara Shokudo Setouchi: Madako Octopus and Shimeji Mushrooms in Garlic Sauce

On the island of Uoshima, part of the chain of islands found in the middle of the Seto Inland Sea, the marine environment surrounding the island has given rise to a fishing industry that has been active since ancient times; the surrounding seas are well known as excellent grounds for fishing.

Located in Uoshima, a region best known for its catches of largehead hairtail (line fishing) and Japanese seabream (fixed-net fishing) but also home to extensive octopus fishing, the Minatomachi Kozara Shokudo restaurant presents the product, “Madako Octopus and Shimeji Mushrooms in Garlic Sauce.” After being caught using octopus pots, a traditional method, the octopuses at Uoshima are then processed on the same day to ensure that the just-caught freshness is retained, allowing consumers to taste the natural fragrance and sweetness of the ocean itself.

This deliciously firm and thick octopus, full of its own natural fragrance, is then paired with shimeji mushrooms and dressed with garlic sauce to create the finished dish. The pride of Uoshima’s fishermen, this is a product that deserves to be sampled by people around the world.

Price: ¥648

Manufacturer: Uoshima-mura Gyogo Kyodo Kumiai in Kamijima, Ehime Prefecture

Tel: (0897) 78-0021

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