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This Okonomi Sauce was introduced in 1952 and has become a classic favorite on the Japanese dining table. A blend of 20 different spices added to fruits and vegetables carefully selected from around the world, this is the perfect complement for savory okonomiyaki pancakes. Made with dates for a full-bodied sweetness and unique umami flavor, and with no preservatives or artificial coloring, this is a sauce anyone can serve without worry.

This maker’s sauces continue to evolve as eating habits change over the years. Salt content has been reduced to 4 percent and today, no oil is used, making for a healthy choice. Constantly working to improve in pursuit of the best possible flavors, the company carries out taste tests with okonomiyaki restaurants in Hiroshima.

In addition to okonomiyaki, this sauce also pairs deliciously with pork cutlets, croquettes and other fried food, and makes the perfect secret ingredient for curries and stews. Also available are Yakisoba Sauce and Takoyaki Sauce.

Price: ¥259

Manufacturer: Otafuku Sauce Co. in Nishi Ward, Hiroshima


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