Travelers’ Treasures / Futo-Mozuku and Aosa Tsukudani

Futo-Mozuku and Aosa Tsukudani is a simmered seaweed dish created from local ingredients by the Fisheries Cooperative of Iheyajima island, located to the north of Okinawa Island. Futo-Mozuku is a type of mozuku seaweed that is unique to the Nansei Islands; characterized by a crispier consistency than the ito-mozuku which is harvested on mainland Japan. Futo-Mozuku is considered one of Okinawa Prefecture’s local specialties. Aosa or aasa (sea lettuce) is a green-colored seaweed which grows around the rocks surrounding Okinawa. Its appearance and fragrance is similar to aonori (green laver) seaweed. Both Futo-Mozuku and aosa are full of nutritional value, and have recently drawn much attention for their role as health foods. Both essential components of Okinawa cuisine, these seaweeds have been seasoned with grouper and tuna caught in Okinawa and simmered with brown cane sugar, vinegar and ginger to create this dish, known as tsukudani. The perfect accompaniment to rice, this superb product is a chance to taste the natural environment and food culture of Okinawa.

Price: ¥520

Manufacturer: Iheya-son Gyogyo Kyodo Kumiai in Iheya, Okinawa Prefecture

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