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Edo-kiriko is a traditional form of glasswork which began in Edo (modern-day Tokyo) in the mid-19th century. This type of glassware most often features the traditional technique of iro-kabuse, in which numerous layers of colored glass are built up and traditional patterns formed by making multiple cuts into the graduated layers. However, the pattern used in these wineglasses, called kome-tsunagi, is completely original to this atelier. Simple though the kome-tsunagi pattern is, only one artisan in the entire world knows how to perform this type of finely detailed cutting technique. These kome-tsunagi-patterned wineglasses with their opulent yet refined beauty have won considerable acclaim, including being selected as presentation gifts for the state guests who visited Japan for the Toyako Summit held in 2008. To this day, all processes at the workshop continue to be done by hand, with each kiriko item polished with loving care to ensure the beautifully fine detailing and sparkle that are unique to this glassware.

Price: ¥81,000 for each glass

Manufacturer: Edokiriko's Shop Hanashyo Co. in Koto Ward, Tokyo (

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