[Movie] How bombardier beetles survive attacks

The Yomiuri ShimbunBombardier beetles, known as “heppirimushi” (farting insect) because they discharge toxic gas from the tip of their abdomens, are able to survive for nearly two hours after being swallowed by toads. If they discharge flatulence while inside a toad, it makes their amphibian predator vomit, according to a report recently published by a team of researchers led by Shinji Sugiura, an associate professor of Kobe University.
The report was published in a British science journal. Bombardier beetles reside mainly in grass fields and are 11 to 18 millimeters long. When the insects are attacked by predators, they discharge gas that exceeds 100 C. [Released on February 23, 2018]

Courtesy of Shinji Sugiura, associate professor of Kobe University

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