Travelers’ Treasures / Densho Tamura no Ume / Kenjo Tamura no Ume (Boxes of Six)

Shoeido was founded in 1903 as a small confectionery in Ichinoseki in Iwate Prefecture. The idea for Tamura no Ume sweets came in the 1920s from Hiroaki Tamura, the former Lord of the Ichinoseki Domain. A mix of sweet white bean paste and Japanese plum meat covered in soft mochi and hand-wrapped in a shiso leaf, this is a specialty bursting with rich tangy flavor. Shoeido meticulously selects the finest, best-tasting ingredients, sourcing its plums, shiso leaves and sticky rice locally whenever possible. Inspired by the shape of the plum flower petal, these lovely pentagon-shaped treats have been a favorite in Japan for nearly 100 years. The Densho Tamura no Ume with sprinkled sugar has not changed since its inception. Today, this confectioner also offers the Kenjo Tamura no Ume, a version without added sugar for those who prefer a taste not quite as sweet.

Price: ¥842 for each six-pack

Manufacturer: Shoeido Co. in Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture (

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