Tochinoshin uses strength, bounces back

The Yomiuri Shimbun

Tochinoshin, right, pushes out No. 3 maegashira Kotoshogiku at the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka on Tuesday.

The Japan News If true champs react as just well to setbacks as they do victories, then Tochinoshin hinted that he might just have what it takes — emphatically defeating Kotoshogiku on Day 3 of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka on Tuesday to put his loss the previous day behind him.

Theirs was a power-packed jump-off, but Tochinoshin — who won the New Year Emperor’s Cup — quickly got to grips with the veteran No. 3 maegashira’s explosive charge. The Georgian sekiwake then got a firm two-handed hold on his writhing opponent’s belt before dumping him out.

In the day’s final bout, yokozuna Kakuryu maintained his perfect start with a win over No.1 maegashira Tamawashi. The yokozuna didn’t wait long after the jump-off to seize his moment, slapping his opponent down to the surface.

The two ozeki followed suit with composed victories.

Takayasu managed to stop the rot on what could have become a miserable start to the basho for an ozeki. He bulldozed straight through a stunned No. 2 maegashira Arawashi, who was sent stepping back and quickly out.

Goeido (2-1) sidestepped his opponent Chiyotairyu (0-3) right after they clashed at the tachiai, seemingly to avoid an elongated bout. The komusubi crashed to the floor.

Earlier, Endo (2-1) was quick in both mind and foot to send sekiwake Mitakeumi to his first loss of the basho. The golden-belted No.1 maegashira spun at the bales at just the right time, throwing his stumbling opponent out with ease.

Mongolian big boy Ichinojo was made to work hard for his third straight win, this time against No. 2 maegashira Takarafuji. The 215-kilogram Mongolian looked to be holding his opponent into submission in the middle of the ring — but Takarafuji resisted, only to eventually step over the bales in one of the longer duels of the day.


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