I saw my teenage daughter in bed with her boyfriend

The Yomiuri ShimbunDear Troubleshooter:

I’m a company employee in my 40s with a daughter who’s a first year student at a college-oriented high school. I saw her in her room in bed with her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend is in the same class as her, and they’ve been dating for half a year. He comes to our house several times a month.

When I happened to be passing by her bedroom, the door wasn’t completely closed so I saw the two of them through the gap. It was all so sudden that I didn’t know what to do, so I pretended like I hadn’t seen anything. I haven’t told my wife about it.

He is an honor student with top marks in his year, and he hopes to become a doctor. He always greets us properly and lives with his mother since his father died. Seeing him work so hard in such a situation reminds me of myself in my younger days, and I really want to support such a good kid. That is precisely why I am so confused about what to do.

Should I tell my daughter and wife what I witnessed?


Dear Mr. R:

I’m sure what you saw would’ve been a shock for any father of a daughter.

Sex is not something to find embarrassing, and it is a fundamental part of living, but it’s hard for parents to speak frankly to their children about something like this.

However, I think in this case you need to talk to the two teenagers as soon as possible. I know that your daughter and this boy are wonderful kids, but their ability to make sound decisions is still immature, and they are in adolescence where their interest in sex is still budding.

Why not start off by telling them you hope they will carefully cultivate their relationship? Tell them calmly but firmly that even though a teenage girl and boy might have sex if they’re in the same room with the door closed, it’s only natural for a father to worry about his daughter and the future of her and her boyfriend.

If you condemn them and keep an overly watchful eye on them, they will probably just hide what they’re doing even more and see each other outside your home. Instead, I think you should tell them that you welcome them in your home and hope to have some nice conversations over tea.

I think if you talk to them like this, this boy without a father may see you as a possible replacement father figure in his life.

Masami Ohinata, professor

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