Travelers’ Treasures / Tsuki no I (Sake)

Established back in 1865, Tsukinoi-Shuzouten is a sake brewery with a history of 150 years or more. Shoetsu Kikuchi, a master brewer of the Nanbu Brewery Society, one of the three major sake brewery masters in Japan, and his fellow brewers apply sophisticated technologies and sensitivity in a meticulous process for sake production in the brewery in Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture. Their organic sake NaNoTsuki Junmai Ginjo is made with naturally grown Miyama Nishiki rice and certified non-GMO yeasts. The machinery and bottles are washed without using products with chemicals. The brewery is thoroughly cleaned using only hot water and cloths and maintains the traditional brewing methods that meet the severe standards for organic labeling. Mellow and transparent, with a smooth dry flavor, this product is a superb sake that reinvents the meaning of local brews.

Price: ¥2,484 (NaNoTsuki Junmai Ginjo, right in the photo), ¥2,830 (Organic Umeshu)

Manufacturer: Tsukinoi-Shuzouten Co. in Oarai in Ibaraki Prefecture


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