Travelers’ Treasures / Kitamuro Hakusen Handa Tenobemen (Handmade noodles)

Handa Somen has been a well-known name in somen (a thin Japanese noodle made of wheat flour) across Japan for 200 years. There are records that Handa Somen was once offered to a shogun as a gift, and it is known as the gold standard flavor of Tokushima. The traditional method of crafting these noodles is to knead flour in salt water, stretch the dough, let it rest, then dry it again while stretching. Old-fashioned technique and soul lives in each step of the manufacturing process that spares no time or effort.

Expert’s comment: Although there are many kinds of somen in Japan, this is a brand whose power and dignity can be sensed each time it is eaten. This is a superb example of a dish with true elements of Japanese food that is loved all over the world. (Hirotoshi Maruwaka, representative of Maruwakaya Co.)

Price: ¥2,168 for 13 bundles

Manufacturer: Kitamuro Hakusen Co. in Tsurugi, Tokushima Prefecture


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