Travelers’ Treasures / One Second Towel Hotman Color (Color towels)

The name Ichibyo Towel means “one second towel” and refers to the fact that it is so absorbent that a 1-centimeter square dropped into water will begin to sink within one second.

This astonishing absorbency is achieved by washing the towel in high quality groundwater for as much as four to five hours to thoroughly wash away impurities and oils. In addition, super-long-staple cotton, the highest grade of cotton, is carefully selected, and original thread is used and meticulously woven to achieve the absolute highest quality towel.

This outstanding towel is the product of knowledge and techniques passed on since 1868 in the city of Ome, Tokyo — the home of textiles made by the silk products industry for more than 300 years. Be sure to try this comfortable “Tokyo towel” that combines the Western culture of the towel with the delicate sensitivity and techniques of the Japanese.

Price: ¥756 for 32x35cm

to ¥6,480 for 79x157cm

(Price differs by size and type)

Manufacturer: Hotman Co. in Ome, Tokyo


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