Travelers’ Treasures / Hyakushiki Tsubomi Sakazuki, Sen (Tsubomi cup stripe — painted glassware)

An innovative technology for coating glass with lacquer produced in Hyakushiki brand glassware. Lacquer easily peels off of glass, and Hyakushiki glassware is the result of many years of research and trial and error into developing lacquer that sticks to the glass. The act of passing down the craft of traditional Japanese lacquer, while matching it with production for a modern lifestyle, speaks to the Japanese value of keeping tradition alive in everyday life. Lacquering is carried out one piece at a time by artisans who carefully paint colored patterns that show the coolness and warmth of Japan coexisting in the tradition of these collector pieces. Enjoy the shine produced by the lacquer and glass reminiscent of a hyakushiki megane kaleidoscope in this richly colored and unique lacquered glassware.

Price: ¥8,532

for cup 5.7 cm in diameter, 6.1 cm in height

Manufacturer: Maruyoshi Kosaka Co. in Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture


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