Travelers’ Treasures / Ayu Gyosho (Fish sauce made from ayu sweetfish)

Fish sauce, such as nam pla of Thailand, nuoc mam of Vietnam, and shottsuru of Japan, have been used as seasonings that have peculiar flavors and fragrances. Ayu Gyosho is made by simply mixing ayu with table salt, letting it sit for six months, and extracting the liquid for the sauce. Using this ancient preparation method to carry out delicate temperature regulation can suppress bacterial propagation, and greatly curtail the generation of the allergen histamine that is characteristic of fish sauce. Therefore, the result is a safe fish sauce full of flavor and without bitterness or odor. These characteristics are unique to the ayu, a representative Japanese river fish, and do not appear in mainstream fish sauces that use the European pilchard or other saltwater fish. It has a wide range of uses, and is a superior all-around seasoning that is useful not only to professional cooks but also in the home to for highlighting flavor.

Price: ¥1,404 for 200ml

Manufacturer: Maruhara in Hita, Oita Prefecture


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