Pajamas popular at home and outside

The Yomiuri Shimbun

Mari Shibata, a staffer for The Mott House, wears a gingham pajama shirt by Sleepy Jones with jeans in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.

By Sanae Nokura / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterWearing fashionable pajamas is increasingly popular, with a growing number of designs and materials available and people donning pajamas not only at home but outside as well. The trend appears to be prompted partly by more people wanting to enjoy time at home.

The Mott House Tokyo in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, has a large selection of fashionable pajamas, such as stripes and latticed patterns. One pair combines an open-collared shirt with pants. Customers are also drawn to the sophisticated use of colors such as small yellow floral patterns with white piping. These pajamas are produced by the New York brand Sleepy Jones.

Sleepy Jones uses such fabric as cotton woven densely with fine threads, and smooth-textured silk. The shop’s customers are mainly in their 30s and 40s, and the top-selling pajama tops and bottoms are each priced in the ¥20,000 range. Some top and bottom combinations cost more than ¥70,000 in total.

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    NOWHAW developed a soft, thin denim textile for its “day” pajamas in a factory in Okayama Prefecture.

  • Courtesy of GU

    GU’s Satin pajamas are available in different types, including a dress-type and shirt-type. The shirt-type’s top can be worn with a skirt and jeans.

“Pajamas are popular among customers for their soft texture and their elegant, not eccentric, design,” said Mari Shibata, a public relations staffer for the shop.

The Japanese brand NOWHAW presents pajamas that look like outfits. Its pajamas have been featured in magazines and adopted as night wear in hotels in Japan and abroad. Designer Kotaro Togawa said more people are being particular about their pajamas because relaxed lifestyles are gaining popularity.

A popular pajama set called “day” (¥20,000 excluding tax) combines a blazer-like top and pants. The shirt and pant cuffs can be turned up to reveal the decorative white lining.

Consultant Keita Nohara has worn these pajamas for four years. “They have a good design and are wearable. It wouldn’t be strange to wear them as everyday clothes,” Nohara said.

Many people are also combining pajamas with regular clothes. The GU brand has sold shirt-type pajamas since the winter of 2015. A pair of satin pajamas (¥2,490 excluding tax) made of shiny polyester is popular among young women. Some women wear the top like an open-collared shirt with a skirt or jeans.

Fashion journalist Rie Miyata noted, “The popularity of pajamas indicates consumer behavior in which people demand high quality for daily-use items.

“Some brands have presented a new ‘pajama look’ style in Paris and New York collections that evokes a comfortable mood. In these busy times, people seem especially attracted to pajamas, which make people relax.”

Getting a good sleep

Another factor in pajamas’ popularity appears to be that people are thinking about the quality of their sleep.

“Pajamas will improve your quality of sleep more than a thick sweatshirt, because sometimes you can’t move around comfortably in a sweatshirt,” sleep consultant Nao Tomono said.

Tomono recommended cotton pajamas, as the fabric is sweat-absorbent, absorbs and releases moisture, and retains warmth. They’re also easy to take care of. Smooth linen is likewise good in hot seasons.

She also said pastel colors will not agitate the sympathetic nervous system, so you can sleep well. Speech

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