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Made by Yasuhiko Kusuda, the renowned master who acquired the skills of his trade in the home of ham and sausage, Germany, this ham is so succulent that it is hard to believe it is a processed product, and so soft that it melts in the mouth. The ingredients are carefully selected by the manufacturer, who uses only the best meat and adjusts the duration of the smoking process depending on the humidity and temperature. In German, the name of Kusuda’s store METZGEREI means “meat shop that offers homemade ham and sausages.” Kusuda chose this name inspired by the idea of replicating the authentic German meat culture in Japan. Meticulously prepared through a fully manual process based on traditional German manufacturing techniques, this ham is not only a perfect ingredient for salads and sandwiches, but also a delicious snack on its own. Enjoy this unique opportunity to taste the high-quality products offered by METZGEREI KUSUDA, which successfully rival authentic German hams.

Price: From ¥324 per 100 grams (Prices vary by item.)

Manufacturer: METZGEREI KUSUDA in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture


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