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The following sentences contain expressions featuring the word “余る,” which reads as “amaru” and usually means “getting something extra” or “getting surplus.” We hope you’ll remember the following expressions after repeating them to help expand your English conversation skills.

We’ve got some spare pizza.


I brought the leftovers from dinner last night for my lunch.


We have a large amount of food left over from the party. Would you like to take some home?


Let’s cook rice gratin using the leftover curry paste and cold cooked rice in the fridge.


Take the last piece of chocolate. It’s lucky to take what’s left over.


How many bottles of water are left?


This is enough for me. Please share the rest of the cake with the others.


We bought many things, but we’ve still got 10,000 yen left.


I haven’t got the handout yet. Does anyone have extra?


This task is beyond my capacity.


I told the children off because their behavior couldn’t be overlooked.



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