Travelers’ Treasures / Kami-gami no Ringo Noyakufushiyo Ringo Juice (Apple juice made with no agricultural chemicals)

Kami-gami no Ringo had its beginnings when the owner of Makka-no-honto Orchard decided to start producing apple juice that was “reassuring to serve, safe and delicious” for his own children. Following this, the owner overcame a number of challenges to turn this juice into a commercial product — 100 percent free of agricultural chemicals and additives.

Kami-gami no Ringo also insists upon a special production process in which the apples, after being picked in the fall, are left to ripen over the winter from November to March rather than being pressed immediately; over these five months, exposure to the chilly winter wind takes off the excess water content of the apples and concentrates their sweetness, creating the ultimate apple juice with a flavor like no other.

Kami-gami no Ringo takes great pride in the way this 100 percent additive-free product is created simply by pressing four varieties of organically-cultivated apple (san-fuji, orin, san-jona and kinsei), without any of the antioxidant which are used in most other 100 percent juice products to prevent color changes. The fact that Kami-gami no Ringo has been presented to the Imperial Household of Japan is testament to the high quality of this product.

Price: ¥10,800 per 720 mililiters

Manufacturer: Makkana Honto LLC in Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture


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