Travelers’ Treasures / Olive Kunsei Shodoshima Shoyu Kiwami (Olive smoked soy sauce from Shodoshima island)

Today, traditional soy sauce from the beginning of the Edo period and olives that have been grown for about 100 years are both special products of Shodoshima island. These two luxurious items meet in Olive Kunsei Shodoshima Shoyu Kiwami.

The smoked flavor is added to the soy sauce by using an olive tree for the smoking wood. The smoking gives the soy sauce a smoother fragrance and deeper flavor. Since it is made from Shodoshima fava beans and salt, it can be enjoyed by people with soybean and wheat allergies. In addition, using olive as the smoking wood adds an antitoxidant function to the soy sauce.

Enjoy this first-of-its-kind smoked soy sauce that combines soy sauce with olive, and was created from Japanese ingenuity unfettered by traditional conventions.

Price: ¥1,620 (30 ml)

Manufacturer: Yamaichishoten Co. in Tonosho, Kagawa Prefecture


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