Travelers’ Treasures / “KOKU” Kiso Shikki no Cutlery (Kiso lacquerware cutlery)

This cutlery is created with Kiso lacquerware, which has a history of more than 400 years that began at the start of the 17th century. The technological strengths passed down through centuries have such an established reputation that the techniques were used to make medals for the Nagano Olympics.

Lacquerware is made without petroleum-based materials. It uses lacquer, which is said to be the oldest natural coating. The craft derives from the Japanese people’s desire to live in harmony with nature, and lacquer is used even today in the Kiso region of Nagano Prefecture.

Each piece of this cutlery is handcrafted by a veteran craftsman who has inherited many years of technical knowledge. The exquisite skills of the traditional craftsman that can craft a design from a lacquered surface of 1/100mm are a demonstration of the precision of Japanese artisans and the meticulous approach to manufacturing. This cutlery can be enjoyed for the keen sense of beauty found in Japan.

Price: ¥17,820 per set (pictured)

Manufacturer: Kanemitsu Shikkiten Co. in Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture


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