Travelers’ Treasures / hibi 10 Minutes Aroma (Aromatic incense sticks)

The fragrances of Awajishima island and the matches of Harima. These locations, both in southern Hyogo Prefecture, lead Japan in terms of the volume of their respective products.

Now, bringing them together is hibi 10 Minutes Aroma, a totally new way to enjoy incense. In a world first, this new aesthetic style enables an aromatic fragrance to be enjoyed anytime, even without an existing flame. Complementing, the contents inside, the packaging is designed to be modern and refined.

But this is where traditional Japanese technology that has not changed in over a century comes in. The tip of the match is fused with a specially developed aromatic incense. It’s easy to use: All that needs to be done is to strike the match as normal and wait for the aromatic incense to be consumed by the flame. The aromatic fragrance can be enjoyed for approximately 10 minutes as worries and concerns go up in smoke.

Price: ¥3,888 for 5 boxes, each with 8 sticks

Manufacturer: Kobe Match Co. in Taishi, Hyogo Prefecture


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