Example sentences Travel English 特派員直伝とらべる英会話「席」は英語で…


The following sentences contain expressions featuring the word “ 席,” which reads as “seki” and usually means “seat.” We hope you’ll remember the following expressions after repeating them to help expand your English conversation skills.

Are you leaving now?


I always ask for an aisle seat when flying.


I prefer to sit at the front of the plane, but I can’t get a seat there when it’s near capacity.


You have to adhere to a strict dress code to attend the party.


I don’t like black tie functions much.


I bought a dress that can also be worn on formal occasions.


Could you give us a minute? I have something important to discuss with him.


I’d like to make a reservation for two people at 8 p. m.


Would you like to sit in a smoking or non-smoking area?


A non-smoking table for four, please.


It’s hard to get a table without a reservation at that Italian restaurant.



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