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The following sentences contain expressions featuring the word “倒れる,” which is read as “taoreru” and usually means “fall over,” “collapse” or “faint.” We hope you’ll remember the following expressions after repeating them to help expand your English conversation skills.

Your cup fell over.


She collapsed on her bed from exhaustion.


You may faint in the heat if you go out now.


The woman passed out from anemia.


He came down with a high fever.


The national highway is closed due to trees that were toppled by the strong wind.


I tripped on a rock and fell as I was rushing to the station.


She crumpled to the floor when she heard about her father’s death.


An elderly husband is taking care of his wife. I’m worried that they’ll both fall into poor health eventually.


Osaka is known as the city of kuidaore, which means to ruin oneself by spending lavishly on eating and drinking.


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