Distinct bags give bright summer look

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A basket bag by Casselini can be enhanced with optional charms and other materials as you like. You can put a plastic bottle or a portable umbrella in it.

By Ayako Fujimoto/Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterAs the summer heats up, why not make a cool impression by adding a stylish bag to your seasonal ensembles? This year you will be able to find a wide variety of bags at shops, some with eye-catching designs and others made of clever combinations of different materials. You can enjoy using a bag not only as an accessory, but even as the centerpiece of your whole look.

Round, bucket-shaped, half-moon, drawstring pouch-style ... these and other distinctive bags are waiting at shops now.

At Casselini, a shop in the Lucua Osaka shopping center at JR Osaka Station, a round basket bag attracts attention, priced at ¥11,880 including tax.

“Surprisingly, this bag can go with any clothes,” shop manager Junko Morimoto said.

According to her, everyone notices the plain design of the bag, despite its casual shape.

She said: “If you hang a flashy charm on it, it would give a casual impression. On the other hand, adorning it with a sheeny scarf would convey a neat impression. Please enjoy accentuating the bag [with other items].”

She mentioned that adding some small furry items is all you need to make it ready for use in autumn and winter.

A bucket-shaped basket-style bag with smiley faces stitched onto its surface is also attractive. It is priced at ¥6,372. If you carry the bag wearing muted color clothes, your fashion will not look childish, but will express a sense of fun.

Combined materials

Bags combining different materials are catching on this summer. The rich variety of unexpected combinations includes a plastic bag with a bamboo handle and a cloth bag overlaid with a net.

A net tote bag from the Halin brand, sold by aquagirl, is priced at ¥8,532. You can apparently use it in various scenes as it is made of a leatherlike material with a formal feel, but is also covered with a net that gives a casual impression.

Adam Et Rope offers a clear bucket and drawstring pouch bag, which is priced at ¥9,936. The bag is a combination of diverse elements — a transparent plastic bag, a drawstring pouch and a bag with round wooden handle. The pouch inside the plastic bag has a strong presence, thanks to its striking metallic color.

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  • The Yomiuri Shimbun

    A bucket shaped basket-style bag by Casselini

  • Courtesy of World Co.

    Halin net tote bag sold by aquagirl

  • Courtesy of Jun Co.

    A clear bucket and drawstring pouch style bag by Adam Et Rope

  • Courtesy of World Co.

    A mercado bag by Opaque.Clip

“This bag could draw attention to your whole outfit,” a public relations staff of the brand said. According to the staff, you can carry the plastic bag and the pouch bag separately, which greatly broadens the scope of situations in which you can use the bag.

Try mercado bag

Mercado bags — named for the Spanish word for market — are also popular. Woven from plastic strings in the shape of a basket, they resemble large-capacity tote bags used in Mexican markets.

A mercado bag from Opaque.Clip is priced at ¥4,644, woven densely for an elegant look. You can wash it in water, so the bag would appear to be handy for rainy days and outdoor amusements.Speech

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