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A roulette table at a casino in South Korea

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カジノ5年後(ご)OK(オーケー)に ルーレットやカードゲームでお金を賭(か)けて楽(たの)しむ「カジノ」。アメリカのラスベガスで人気の施(し)設(せつ)が、日本でも5年後(ご)にできそうです。7月20日、国(こっ)会(かい)はカジノ法(ほう)案(あん)を可(か)決(けつ)しました。






Casinos are facilities for roulette, card games and other types of gambling activities. Such facilities, which are popular in Las Vegas, may legally open for the first time in Japan in five years’ time.

On July 20, the Diet passed a casino resort bill.

In Japan, most gambling is banned by law. Horse racing and boat racing are allowed under special laws regulating each type of public gambling activity.

With the latest move, the government included casinos in such legal gambling activities.

Gambling always benefits those who offer it. Therefore, a variety of businesses are trying to build casinos.

There are also local governments that hope to host casino facilities because then they will be able to collect large tax revenues from casino operators and use the money for local revitalization.

However, many people are questioning the idea of using money lost by gamblers for local revitalization.



法(ほう)案(あん)を可(か)決(けつ)する:pass a bill


自(じ)治(ち)体(たい):local government

~という考(かんが)え方(かた):the idea of ...


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