Travelers’ Treasures / Hana Kessho (Blue) Free Cup (Porcelain cup)

Kyo Ware and Kiyomizu Ware are traditional crafts cultivated over 1,000 years in the culture of the ancient capital of Kyoto. They were in demand as containers and luxury items for the aristocracy and tea masters, and were refined by incorporating designs and techniques from inside and outside the country.

This item is created with a lavish amount of flowers of zinc glaze as a piece of pottery with origins in that history. The glaze containing flowers of zinc crystallizes during the cooling process, creating a beautiful pattern that looks like various sizes of flowers blossoming.

Veteran artisanal skill is required for the content of the special glaze and to control the about 1,300 C firing temperature in 1 C increments. The crystal patterns formed from this process can appear a pale blue or purple depending on the light source, and no two pieces are alike. This unique, interesting piece is suitable for everyday use and also makes the perfect gift.

Price: ¥ 3,240

Manufacturer: Kumagaisoushouten Co. in Yamashina Ward, Kyoto 


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