Travelers’ Treasures / Yukiotoko Junmaishu (Sake)

The Uonuma region is one of Japan’s snowiest areas and is also a rice-producing region. Aokishuzo, a brewery with a 298-year history, is located in a district that is blessed with especially high-quality water from melted snow. Sake made from that water is handcrafted using traditional sake brewing that takes place in winter.

Yukiotoko Jyunmaishu is a dry sake that makes the most of the umami of rice and has a sharp aftertaste. It is an excellent sake to drink with a meal to bring out the flavors of food.

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These days, much is made of Japanese sake that is lavish and brash, but Yukiotoko Jyunmaishu is a sake that possesses the inherent umami of Japanese sake and a clean taste.

Drunk with a meal, it quietly enhances the delicious flavors of foods and offers a genuine Japanese sake culture experience.

(Yoshitaka Haba, representative of BACH Ltd., book director)

Price:¥2,700 per 1.8-liter bottle

Manufacturer: Aokishuzo The Sake Brewery Co. in Minamiuonuma, Niigata Prefecture


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