Travelers’ Treasures / Kuragakoi Rishirikombu (Kelp)

Okui Kaiseido Co. is a long-established kombu shop that was founded in 1871. The company’s kombu is used in the finest Japanese-style restaurants and vegetarian dishes served at temples in Kyoto. The kombu is produced in the northernmost areas of Hokkaido, such as Kutsugatahama on Rishiri Island, Kafukahama on Rebun Island, and Funadomarihama. It produces a delicate, amber-colored broth that is clear. In addition to kombu for broth, the company also offers kombu for a variety of uses, including shredded kombu and kombu for furikake seasoning.

Expert’s comment: In Japanese-style restaurants in Kyoto, using the best kombu from Okui Kaiseido is prestigious. Actually trying it reveals that the richness of the broth and umami are different from other kombu. To easily enjoy the delicious flavor of kombu, add finely chopped salted kombu to salads to boost flavor. Okui Kaiseido kombu is an excellent product that combines simplicity with authentic taste. (Yumiko Inukai, Restaurant Journalist)

Price: ¥2,700 per 150 grams

Manufacturer: Okui Kaiseido Co. in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture


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