CREATORS' VIDEO DIARY / My know-how of making a video

By Yukirinu / Special to The Yomiuri Chukosei ShimbunHey, it’s Yukirinu! This time I’m going to reveal what I do before I upload a video clip!! I hope this will be of some help to people who want to post videos online.

First of all, I look for good material. Having said that, all I really do is just whatever I want to do, following my whims. That’s me. I don’t do anything special. I make videos about what I happen to come up with while watching TV or chilling before bedtime. In short, I find material in the things that pop into my head in my everyday life.

A while ago, I declared, “I’m going to have a lazy day!” and spent a day doing whatever I fancied doing, like watching anime and playing games. My video that day was viewed as many as 730,000 times! It made me feel once again how important it is to enjoy yourself from the bottom of your heart.

Once you pick your material, the next step is video shooting. I recommend that girls use a ring light. Just as its name suggests, it is a ring-shaped light that makes your complexion look good. Therefore, it is especially popular with creators who upload videos about makeup. Well, in my case, how fun each of my videos is matters more than my complexion ... but it’s definitely good for girls to look pretty in videos, right?

The last step is editing. I often edit a 20- to 30-minute video down to about five minutes. This work usually takes at least five hours (!!). Sometimes I notice things like a monologue I unwittingly did while filming myself. Finding things like that makes me grin. I tend to completely lose track of time when I’m editing videos.

I think it’s a beauty of videos that I can show people only the bits of things I myself find interesting, so editing is very important. If you think a certain part of your video is slowing things down, be brave and make some cuts, or add a sound effect to make it more dramatic. At any rate, I try to make each video easy for people to watch. I easily get tired of things by nature. So if I don’t get tired of it, everyone else won’t either. That’s what I think when I make videos.

* * *

Yukirinu, who studied at Yokohama National University, is a creator who promotes herself as “the easygoing science girl.” She posts videos in a wide range of genres, from experiments and study methods to travel videos. During her high school days, Yukirinu and her friends once built a robot that walked on two legs.

This article is a translation of the YouTube column that appeared last Friday in The Yomiuri Chukosei Shimbun, a weekly paper for junior high and high school students. The original Japanese text and the translation are carried alongside each other in that paper on the final Friday of every month.Speech

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