Travelers’ Treasures / Baird Beer (Micro brew beer)

Taking advantage of its small business scale, Baird Brewery is elaborately and passionately creating a new kind of beer, while also showing great respect for tradition. It draws out the maximum flavor of raw materials such as malt, hops and yeast, while refraining as much as possible from subjecting them to processing. Only soft water from which chlorine has been removed is used. Since it is unfiltered, the natural foaming beer undergoes secondary fermentation and maturation in the casket and bottle. This means that the beer continues to mature up until the very moment it is poured into a glass.

Based on a concept of “never creating beer that lacks flavor,” the beer has a singular character born of a delicate balance of raw materials and complexity of ingredients. The craft beer also offers the uniqueness of the brewery that has adhered to a single brewing philosophy.

Price: ¥500 for a 330 ml bottle

Baird Brewing Company in Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture


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