Travelers’ Treasures / Hoshi Budo (Dried grapes)

The Pione grape used to make these raisins is a hybrid of the sweet and juicy Kyoho grape and the aromatic Cannon Hall Muscat grape. With the largest grape weighing up to 20 grams a piece, these firm and dense grapes balance sweetness with acidity and are of the highest quality.

At Kintanouen, semi-dry raisins are produced from select Pione grapes growing on land with good drainage, warm days and cold nights. No preservatives, alcohol, or additives are used. These gourmet raisins leave an impression with their fruity and soft mouth feel. They pair perfectly with cheese or wine.

They are also well regarded by chefs and pastry chefs as an ingredient for meat dishes and sweets.

Price: ¥500 per package

Manufacturer: Kintanoen Berryne in Hamada, Shimane Prefecture (

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