Travelers’ Treasures / Kuronabe (Earthenware pot)

Temperature slowly rises when cooking with an earthen ware pot and remains high even when the flame is extinguished. This draws out the flavor of ingredients without overcooking them. Iga pottery is notable for an unrefined appearance. The Dorakugama earthenware pot is shaped on a potter’s wheel by an artisan in the city of Iga, where time passes slowly. With its warm texture, the more it is used, the more attractive it becomes.

Expert’s comment: Japan has numerous pottery producers and earthenware pots, but Dorakugama is a particularly trusted pottery producer that has been steadfastly crafting pottery in Iga. I have been using this earthenware pot for 30 years and depend on it to make not only stews, but also to cook meat. (Yukiko Ishimura, Supervisor of Kuruminoki Ltd. / Space Coordinator )

Price: ¥24,840 for a pot (34.5 cm by 16 cm)

Manufacturer: Dorakugama in Iga, Mie Prefecture


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