Example sentences Travel English 特派員直伝とらべる英会話「声」は英語で…


The following sentences contain expressions featuring the word “ 声,” which is read “koe” and usually means “voice.” We hope you’ll remember the following expressions after repeating them to help expand your English conversation skills.

I will give you a shout.


Let me know when you need me.


I hear that if you speak up about harassment at that company, you’ll be suppressed.


This is just between us, but that’s true.


There were many dissenting voices over the decision.



I just called you to hear your voice.



I’ve lost my voice because I caught a cold.


I haven’t fully recovered from a cold yet. So I have a nasally voice.



I have a hoarse voice. I probably sang too much at karaoke last night.



A strange man accosted me on the street the other day. He asked me, “Why don’t we go for a drink?”



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