Travelers’ Treasures / Uwajima Jakoten (Uwajima boiled fish paste)

A specialty of Ehime Prefecture, jakoten continues to be loved by all. It became known as jakoten from its base ingredient of small fish (called “jako”).

The history of paste making in Uwajima City is said to have started when the first lord of the Uwajima Domain, Date Hidemune, called on a professional from Sendai to make kamaboko (boiled fish paste). Thus from a long time ago fish were richly harvested and the paste industry went on to develop.

This jakoten uses firefly fish of which the exceptionally delicious taste comes from the small fish caught in Uwajima. Pride is taken in the delicious taste and flavor that is tightly packed in. The gritty sensation, that is drastically different depending on which store you go to in Uwajima, is a big characteristic of jakoten and is deeply present in the flavor.

Price: ¥864 for 5 pieces

Manufacturer: Yasuoka Kamaboko Co. in Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture


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