Travelers’ Treasures / Unbreakable Ceramic-style Aluminum Tableware “Musubi Plate (Black glaze) M-size”

ContributorThis ceramic-style aluminum tableware is made by the prosperous foundry industry in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture.

Powdered fine sand is used with the green sand mold method to create a mold that faithfully reproduces a ceramic surface. The aluminum-made base cast by that mold is coated in heat-resistant coating (conforming to the Food Sanitation Law) by carefully handling burning temperature and timing. This results in a vessel that completely resembles a ceramic piece in tone and texture, but unlike a ceramic piece it does not break when dropped, and as it is lightweight it can be used freely by anyone from children to the elderly.

This product made with a black glaze color, that is high quality even by ceramic standards, is nothing short of a masterpiece. With an endearing shape like the “o-musubi” (rice ball) in its name, and with the good omens of “unbreakable” and “musubi” (union), it is a perfect gift for celebrations such as marriages.

Price: ¥4,860

Manufacturer: Tonami Shouten Co. in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture


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