Example sentences Travel English 特派員直伝とらべる英会話「切れる」は英語で…


The following sentences contain expressions featuring the word “ 切れる, ” which is read “kireru” and usually means “run out” or “expire.” We hope you’ll remember the following expressions after repeating them to help expand your English conversation skills.

It is eighty-sixed.


The car ran out of gas and stopped in the middle of the road.


This gift certificate will expire soon.


The battery of my cellphone has died.


You need to renew your insurance contract before it expires.


This cake is so popular that it’s usually sold out.


We’re running short of inventory at the warehouse.


I completely forgot that my passport is expired.


I felt short of breath after walking up the stairs to the fourth floor of the apartment.


These instant noodles are past their best-before date.



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