Travelers’ Treasures / Saburoubei’s Banno Tare (Saburoubei’s Multi-Purpose Soy Sauce)

The old shop Saburoubei, established in 1950, has turned its secret soy sauce, essential to the local specialty “Chicken Hakusai Hotpot,” into a “multi-purpose sauce” for sale commercially. By adding ishiru (a traditional Ishikawa Prefecture fermented seasoning made from squid and sardines) to the traditionally brewed soy sauce mixture, a deeper richness is realized that is very much deserving of the name “multi-purpose.”

As well as being able to easily reproduce Chicken Hakusai Hotpot in your own home with the same flavor as the restaurants, a diverse range of dishes can be freely made with this one sauce. There is no need for mirin or cooking alcohol, nor the trouble and effort of making stock.

It can be used easily in such dishes as oyakodon, gyudon, and nikujaga. Add a little with chili oil to make spicy hot dishes, or also add some sugar and honey for a sweet salted taste. Its appeal lies in the diverse things you can do with it depending on your own ideas.

Price: ¥780 for 480 ml

Manufacturer: SU-BEE Co. in Nonoichi, Ishikawa Prefecture


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