Travelers’ Treasures / Ocha Mill Sensuji (Tea mill Sensuji)

A tea mill that fits in the palm of your hand, made using the spinning lathe technique of Yamanaka lacquerware — it is a fine article handmade with the traditional skill of wood grain craftsmen, and has the tender feel of natural wood.

Unlike normal mortars, it features no roughness in the inner part, making it easy to grind and to wash. With the pestle grinding snugly inside the smooth inner part, the fragrant tea leaf nutrients are kept inside, and the tea powder can be ground without much physical effort. Also, when grinding, the action of turning the pestle while pushing it with the palm creates an acupressure effect.

This utensil delightfully supports your healthy lifestyle by allowing you to grind tea healthily by completely taking in its nutrients. Not only for tea, it can also be used as a mortar for sesame seeds and dried anchovies.

Price: ¥9,180

Manufacturer: Asada Shikki Kougei Ltd. in Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture

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