Travelers’ Treasures / Tenobe somen — Youonmen

This youonmen allows you to enjoy delicious nyumen (somen noodle soup) with the special Shimabara somen from Nagasaki Prefecture, just by pouring in hot water and waiting for 3 minutes. It was developed so that Shimabara somen, which has a strong summer image, can also be deliciously and easily eaten during the winter too.

Similar to normal Shimabara somen, it uses good quality wheat flour and is made carefully by hand-pulling. Thanks to a technique of making it as instant noodles without spoiling the quality, the noodle’s body is strong and doesn’t tend to lengthen when boiled, resulting in Shimabara somen nyumen instant noodles that are soft and smooth.

The carefully selected ingredients, such as agodashi soup and condiments of Nagasaki Prefecture, are full of flavor. Preparation is easy and doesn’t take much time, so it can be eaten by anyone including those with busy lifestyles and the elderly. It is also optimal for busy mornings, middays and nights.

Price: ¥399 for 1 serving (65 grams)

Manufacturer: Social Welfare Corp., Nankou Airinkai, Colony Enterprise in Unzen, Nagasaki Prefecture


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