Travelers’ Treasures / Washi Towel (Japanese paper towel)

Thin but firm, washi is known as the world’s most outstanding type of paper. The Washi Towel was born from the fusion of Mino washi, the pinnacle of the washi art form, and the high quality of the “Imabari Towel,” the pride of Imabari in Ehime Prefecture and the best towel making region in Japan. It uses rolled paper which is finely slit to around 1-4 mm, twisted and made into a thread known as “kami-ito” (paper thread).

The result is a towel with a crispness unattainable with cotton, and with excellent water absorbency, drying and endurance properties.

With a pleasant feel to the touch and just the right stimulus from washi-woven piles, the towel gives off a massage effect. The Washi Towel evokes an atmosphere of traditional Japan. Try experiencing the unique usability and feel for yourself.

Price: ¥810 for wash towel

Manufacturer: Murakami Pile Co. in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture


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