Travelers’ Treasures / Gokujo Jakoten (Fish cake jakoten)

Jakoten is a type of deep-fried kamaboko (fish cake) where small fish are ground down to their skin and bones and made thin and flat.

In Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture, where deep-fried kamaboko is a specialty, jakoten have been loved since long ago as a side dish with rice or a snack with sake. This jakoten was made to be a “genuine jakoten,” being reduced down to the essentials and having high nutrition, making it absolutely first rate. It doesn’t use any frozen fish meat and there are no extra additives.

It only uses fresh fish caught in Ehime Prefecture, and by making full use of traditional manufacturing methods, the natural umami flavor is preserved. It is delicious just to eat as it is, though for an even more delicious dining experience it can be slightly grilled and garnished with grated daikon radish or soy sauce and ginger.

Price: ¥925 (per package of 5, 50 grams each)

Manufacturer: Uwajimaya Ltd. in Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture


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