Travelers’ Treasures / Hana Iroenpitsu (Flower pencils HANA)

With the shape and color of traditional flowers representative of Japan, and shavings that become petals, these are colored pencils with a playfulness. While their practicality has been carefully considered, they are also unique and fun colored pencils where even the act of sharpening them has been designed.

The cross-section flower shape and color come in five types that include cherry blossom pink, plum blossom red, dandelion yellow, bell flower blue and evergreen. Not only is their appearance cute, but their shape also combines the functionality of being both easy to hold and is not likely to slip out of the hand.

In the axis part a new environmentally friendly, domestically made material is used that is made from disposable wastepaper. It has unique soft colors and can be sharpened easily. The lead is a high quality, domestically made colored one, and the writing performance and coloring are excellent. They are delightful colored pencils that can add fun to your day.

Price: ¥1,944 (set of five colors)

Manufacturer: TRINUS, Inc. in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo


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