Travelers’ Treasures / Wagyu Bacon (Wagyu beef bacon)

Tottori Wagyu was praised as having the best meat quality in Japan at the “11th National Wagyu Ability Prize Show” (the Wagyu Olympics). This bacon was made from only the precious chuck rib, which is used as the finest short ribs.

Product development consisted of consulting with ham producing experts to adjust the saltiness and the strength of the smoked scent. As a result, a masterpiece was born that has the deliciousness of simple, high-quality fat, a great aftertaste, and a scent folded in the aroma of sakura chips that whets the appetite.

A new taste has been created that is completely different from the average wagyu, and also different from pork bacon. This wagyu bacon is made from Tottori Wagyu, which is the pride of Japan’s finest meat, and can only be made in Japan. It is very much the realization of a Japanese technique.

Price: ¥5,335 (per package of 160 grams)

Manufacturer: Akamaru Beef Shop Co. in Kurayoshi, Tottori Prefecture


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