Travelers’ Treasures / SOUKI (Tableware and ornament)

“SOUKI” is a product brand born from techniques of painting. By applying a metallic paint to a vessel with light and easily handled resin, a real metal texture can be felt.

The skillful paint technique of applying with an even and uniform coating thickness is outstanding and furthermore subtle, and through overglaze, a refined taste is realized with the metallic austerity and splendid sheen of iron, brass, copper, bronze or tin.

The main body of the resin-made vessel is a unique shape with a roundness that exemplifies the Japanese word “so” (plain/natural), and by fitting it into your everyday life a friendly softness and warmth can be felt.

It can be used in a diverse range of ways, both practically and as an ornament. A refined color is added to the table when used as tableware.

Price: ¥31,700 to ¥53,500 (Set of 1 large and 1 small, from 12 patterns)

Manufacturer: Okuma Coat Co. in Higashiosaka, Osaka Prefecture


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