Travelers’ Treasures / Zazanzaori (Textile of tsumugi pongee)

“Zazanza” is a word that depicts the sound of wind through pine trees, and it was named after pine trees that are vivid in the sea breeze and give beauty and peace of mind to people.

The textile of tsumugi (pongee) has silk threads that are sometimes dupion silk, sometimes a guide thread, and the spun cotton pulled from them changes in thickness and thinness so that the unevenness from the thread itself also becomes the distinctive quality of the zazanza textile. Dying the color slowly by hand into the main body using vegetable dye results in a unique touch.

There is absolutely no use of modern appliances in the production, and because they are all weaved by hand no two are the same. The silk allows a product where a gentle touch and a smooth shine can be enjoyed. It is warm in winter and lightly cool in summer, and its coarse surface allows it to be used casually even though it is silk.

Price: ¥10,540 to ¥144,000 (variety of sizes)

Manufacturer: Akaneya Ltd. in Naka Ward, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture


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