Travelers’ Treasures / Bon Hanashizuku (Pendant paper lantern)


The interior lighting series “Bon” was born with the purpose of imparting to the future the skill and spirit of bon lantern making, which has been handed down from long ago in Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Yame, blessed with a rich natural environment, is known for many different traditional craft works, such as bon lanterns and Yame handmade washi paper.

This paper lantern, designed along with Eriko Horiki, a washi artist who represents Japan, was made by joining contemporary materials and design to the skills of Yame washi making and lantern making, and it brings to life the beauty of traditional Japan.

The hand dyed Yame washi paper is wrapped around the light source, and an open interval of the lantern allows the internal firebox to emit a multitude of colors from the warm light.

Price: ¥129,600

Manufacturer: Techne in Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture


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