Travelers’ Treasures / Nanakiwami drinking vessels and pitcher


Teakettle caster Shunsai Hata worked on tea kettles and utensils made for generations in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. This is a cast-iron sake vessel series born from the three-way collaboration of Shunsai Hata III, Takaoka Art Museum Director Ryu Murakami and Takenaka Douki.

It is a groundbreaking product that uses the traditional techniques of gama-zukuri (pot making), as well as daring to use iron that from ancient times was not meant for sake vessels. Just like the “nana” (seven) in its name, the form of it seen from above is a superb heptagon. The way it fits firmly in the hand is a distinctive feature.

Rusting is prevented by a lacquer coating on the surface. A sake vessel has been born that, in the keenly felt chill of the sake conveyed through the cast-iron surface, gives a feeling of quality.

Price: ¥54,000 (1 pitcher, 2 cups)

Manufacturer: Takenaka Douki Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture


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